Family-Centered Perinatal Education

Mountain Perinatal Education offers evidence-based training for perinatal professionals.

Professional education that cares.

Speaking Engagements

Presentations on labor support, physiologic birth, perinatal mental health, breastfeeding, and other topics related to the childbearing years.


Facilitating improvement of the birth environment, designing curriculum and learning tools, and mentoring new birth professionals.

Online Resources

Through our blog and resources pages, we provide free information on some the most up-to-date 

Over 25 Years of Experience

Teaching birth professionals the latest research, educating and supporting parents through the childbearing years.

Bonita Katz

Meet your ICEA Approved Trainer

Boni offers continuing education for nurses (approved by the Montana Nurses Association) in Labor Support, Perinatal Mental Health, and Breastfeeding Initiation.

She also offers workshops to train ICEA certified childbirth educators and birth doulas. She would be happy to design a workshop to fit your needs.

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